A number of years ago I had an experience that has gradually changed my whole perspective on life and led me to understand the role that I am intended to play in it. It seems to have been a challenge for me to grasp the full implications and to accept the way that it is necessary for me to change my views of myself and my capabilities.
In these hugely life changing times (on so many levels), I realise just how vital it now is for all of us who have come here to support others in their journey to awareness, to step up and allow our voices to be heard, through which ever medium we are drawn to.
The experiences and traumas of the past few weeks have jolted so many out of the mindset of a materialistic and driven culture and brought an opening to value different aspects of life, to revisit the gifts that Mother Nature has to offer and to realise that we can slow down and find enjoyment in life’s simple pleasures. This is the foundation on which we need to build, to dive into the river of change and flow with it. It feels really vital that as the restrictions are eased and some sort of freedom of movement is restored, that we hold on to the increased sense of connection and humanity that has seeped into society, that the awareness of nature and all that surrounds us doesn’t get lost again in the rush to return to ‘normal’.
The experience I had those years ago was to be guided to a feeling of complete peace, harmony, contentment, a sense of belonging to a community and the all encompassing support that it offers and to know that in that state, all is exactly as it should be. I can only describe it as the purest love it is possible to experience.
This sensation was short lived but so profound that I have never forgotten it and have spent a considerable amount of time in the ensuing years trying to recapture it.
I have done so for brief periods and nearly always it has been the guidance of a horse that has led me there. I have come to understand much along the way and know that there is an infinite well of material to be dipped into, covering all aspects of life in this and many other dimensions, that will continue to enlighten me for the rest of my days in my physical body, that this path to understanding is endless and bountiful and embraces all aspects of life – of all that is.
The horses have been the key for me though and so much of the perspective and understanding that I now hold is down to their teachings and revelations that have sent me to find out more about what they have passed on to me. I have been shown and told the role that they are now poised to play in the evolution of the human race. Already we are using their guidance for equine assisted learning in different areas of life and to support those who face challenges just existing on this planet. The ability of these fantastic creatures to connect and empathise with us is beyond the understanding of many but, once witnessed, leaves us in awe of their wisdom.
I believe in their teachings and I know the profound effect they are capable of having on many people. I have come to realise that in the course of the experiences that I am gifted to have in the course of communication, it is often my role to interpret and pass on the guidance that these inspiring animals have for their people, often to bring each of us onto a road of discovery, to shake the very foundation of what we thought we believed and knew and to open us up to possibilities beyond anything we could have imagined. Sometimes my role is to bring confirmation of what people already had a nagging feeling about or to join enough dots to create an image of where this could all be leading.
It is not always the easiest path to follow for anyone, but to encourage and enable those who are willing to listen to find their way towards that place of peace, love and total harmony with all that is, is a huge privilege and I shall be eternally grateful for the inspiration that I have received from the horses and from other sources. It is my intention to continue with this quest for as long as I am physically, mentally and spiritually capable and I know I will continue to be amazed and deeply moved by all that I will come to understand along the way.
I hope that some or many of you feel drawn to sharing this journey with me.