Awareness/Communication Workshops

Guiding and supporting a journey through various dimensions that create an expanded state of awareness.

This, in turn leads to greater understanding of self, those around you (human and animal), your environment and enhances the ability to interact with everything in a more harmonious way.

These workshops consist of discussion periods, meditation, a variety of exercises both individually and through interaction with others and which lead to opening up the possibilities of inter species communication on many levels. We may engage with nature and all the gifts that she has to offer in guiding us to re-engage with our true selves.

 They encourage participants to become connected to their authenticity and to work with the innate abilities that we all have, to work through energetic channels and understand the effects we have on those we share space with in many different situations – both human and animal.

They can be tailored for specific requests – e.g.  animal communication, awareness of  energy, building better relationships with animals, creating more harmony in the workplace, etc. etc.

To understand a bit more about the impact that our energy or behaviour is having on others, who ever that may be, gives us the choice of how to be in our interactions. This can also work the other way, if we have an enhanced awareness of how others are feeling on any given day or in certain circumstances, we are better placed to support them in times of difficulty and to give encouragement when needed. It reduces our need to be reactive and gives us the opportunity to pause and consider before giving a measured response.

This can be a game changer in any relationship and encourages leadership skills that generate trust and flow. A huge benefit in all areas of life, whether working with people or animals.

The ability to communicate with our animals is something that is becoming more and more accepted and that increasing numbers of people wish to engage with. The animals certainly have so much to offer us from their place of understanding and connection to ‘life’ and it is a fascinating and ever-expanding source of wisdom and guidance if we choose to listen.

To be able to ‘hear’ what our animals are trying to share with us, whether about their needs and welfare or what they see is in our own best interests, is a gift to be treasured but it isn’t just for the select few. This is available to all, if the will is there and the ability to open awareness enough to receive the messages is practiced with patience and from a calm place. These workshops can guide you in that direction and support your journey through the various channels of communication.

The workshops will always be in small groups and usually for around 5 hours.

I am happy to travel to deliver them if there are suitable venues at a distance and a few people wishing to participate.

Please contact me for further information or if you have any questions.